Digitize Your Patient’s Medical Records

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Digitize Your Patient’s Medical Records

Hospmedrepo is a web application that allows hospitals to follow a systematic way of functioning. With Hospmedrepo, you can now look after patient health better by digitizing your patient’s medical records. Our highly encrypted platform allows you to upload and verify medical reports that can be later accessed by patients using the Mymedrepo application. Hospmedrepo also helps you keep track of hospital performance through earning statistics and charts.

NextGen Framework

Supports various different user roles

The Hospmedrepo web application supports a number of different users such as Admin, Billing User, Management Role, Patient Manager, Report Clerk, Report Verifier and TV Display Manager. With this feature, auser can be assigned a single role or task to handle, making the workflow systematic and organized. This feature is also a great choice for small hospitals, where a single user can be assigned all these different roles.

Supports various report contents

With the Hospmedrepo web application, you can open different types of report contents that include images, PDF, video and DICOM. This makes it an easy and better application to use.

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NextGen Framework

Dashboard with detailed statistics

Users that are assigned the Management role are the ones that have access to the Dashboard and the different kind of charts related to the hospital. These charts have various statistical information which include, patient charts, reports, and earnings of the hospital, etc.

Detailed Audit log

The Audit Log feature that’s available on Hospmedrepo, keeps a track of each modification that’s made to the patient’s data helping the management to track an individual’s information. This feature is very useful at the time of any disputes.

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NextGen Framework

Report Management

An individual who is assigned the Report Clerk Role is responsible for uploading different reports. This feature can be controlled accordingly, as to which user is assigned the task to manage a particular report type.

More Features

Report verification

Report Verification Role

Users that are assigned the Report Verification role are responsible for verifying the automatically extracted data for each report. They are also responsible for validating details such as report type, sub-type, and data etc. assigned to each report. These users can make changes and edits to reports before verifying them.


Billing Role

Users that are assigned the Billing Role are responsible for patient checkouts. All the necessary formalities will be completed by the billing user to ensure that a patient is checked out successfully.

Tv display

TV Display Role

Users that are assigned the TV Display Role are responsible for displaying different statistical charts on the big TV displays that are installed in the hospital. With this feature, people can get a better view about how well the hospital is performing.

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