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Medrepo Services is an intelligent solution to help you better manage your own and your family members'health records. With medical issues on the rise, maintaining your health records can sometimes be a difficult task. We at Medrepo, have worked hard and come up with some easy-to-use products that allow you to store, manage and share your health records electronically without any hassle. These records once stored, are easily available to you during an emergency or a hospital visit.

Our smart products include the Mymedrepo mobile application, Hospmedrepo website application and the Docmedrepo mobile application. These products are designed in a way to help save time and energy. When it comes to looking after your health, you can maintain your medical documents and records in a systematic and organized way through our secured platforms using our products and services.

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Mobile Application


For years, individuals have never been able to obtain all of their medical records that they’ve accumulated over their lifetime in a single place. With mymedrepo, you can now get all your records in less than ten minutes, creating your health history that can be accessed and shared securely. mymedrepo also helps physicians with accurate information about a patient at the time of treatment and care, leading to faster decisions when it comes to patient health.
mymedrepo is a mobile application that allows you to upload and access your medical records using your phone. The application is available to use on both – Android and iOS technologies.

  • Share medical reports with your doctor from home!

  • Move paper reports to your mobile in minutes!

  • Organize your medical documents in one place, never lose them!

  • Receive medical reports directly in your phone!

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Web Application


Hospmedrepo is a web application that allows hospitals to follow a systematic way of functioning. With Hospmedrepo, you can now look after patient health better by digitizing your patient’s medical records. Our highly encrypted platform allows you to upload and verify medical reports that can be later accessed by patients using the Mymedrepo application. Hospmedrepo also helps you keep track of hospital performance through earning statistics and charts.

  • Dashboard with detailed statistics

  • Manage reports with ease

  • Detailed Audit log

  • Verified reports gets pushed to Mymedrepo

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Mobile & Web Application


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